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ETESI is the preferred Value Added Partner to integrate Sophia into your business.

About Sophia

Our research shows that many businesses still rely on paper-based processes. This is due to:
● the immense costs of fully digitising these processes
● the expertise required to build digital customer channels,
● and the internal disruption from changing processes.

These paper-based processes require mountains of manual data capturing, wasting precious time and energy.
Sophia; our flagship product. Sophia, Greek for ​wisdom, is the assistant you’ll wish you always had. Sophia automates the transcription of any handwritten form, corrects errors, and digitally presents it to your business in a way that your users and IT team will love.

How Sophia Works

Sophia is a cloud-based software platform. Customers email document bundles
to your business inbox, which are then automatically uploaded to Sophia’s API

Sophia then:
1. splits documents into pages
2. rotates the pages to the correct orientation
3. selects the matching template
4. transcribes the page
5. corrects any errors by verifying data against your information sources (optional)
6. If the overall confidence is low, sends the document for manual user verification
7. If the overall confidence is high, the documents and data are submitted to your system

How Sophia Works (Cont.)

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