Technical Architecture

The below information will assist IT managers and planners by providing the technical architecture of
Sophia to enable deployment and configuration planning.

Components and Deployment

Components and Deployment (cont.),.

All components of the Sophia offering are hosted in the Google Cloud Platform, in Belgium; due to
legislative requirements. The components are solely accessed via an HTTP restful service API or via
the Sophia web front-end. The solution is currently offered as a shared tenancy, but there are
deployment options to operate part or all of the solution in a dedicated tenancy. Please note,
alternative deployment options incur additional service fees and should be discussed with an Isazi
sales representative.


Sophia makes use of Auth0 (​​) to manage authentication and authorisation of users and API
clients. As a consequence, the API and web application make use of OAuth 2.0 access tokens to secure
all resources. An additional benefit is that Auth0 can, in turn, use Google, Microsoft, Facebook,
etc. authentication providers to achieve single sign-on for the users within your organization.

All data transmission is secured via SSL. All data storage is encrypted at rest through the use use
of cryptographic filesystems.


Every precaution is taken within the Sophia offering to ensure that data is anonymized. In addition,
once the transcription process is complete all content data relating to a document submission is
deleted. However, audit and telemetry data is preserved for traceability and billing reasons.

Sophia makes use of an adaptive machine learning process. In order to improve the accuracy of the
machine learning models employed in Sophia, if a particular document submission has a low confidence,
then the offending fields are preserved in an anonymized manner. The system will also occasionally
preserve accurate fields to augment this dataset. Please note, that this process is controllable in
that, for example, if there are data retention concerns regarding National Identity Numbers, or
Social Security Numbers, then these can be selectively excluded from retention.


Sophia is fundamentally an automated workflow that your organisation actions via an API, and that notifies your organisation when it is complete.

In addition, Sophia can (optionally) be integrated with your organisation’s information systems (via restful API), in order to use your organisation as a bureau for data verification or enrichment. This process enhances the metadata of the final document presented to your organisation.

A Sophia configuration engineer is required to work with your IT department to resolve:
● The definition of key entities
● The definition of the API
● Firewall and security considerations

Browser Compatibility

The Sophia web application (which is intended to be used on workstations or laptops) is compatible with most modern web browsers:
● Firefox 55.0+
● Chrome 60.0+
● Safari 10.1.2+
● Edge 40+

However, Internet Explorer is not supported

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