Software AG

ETESI chose to co-innovate with Software AG in order to guide our existing customers on their Digital Transformation Journey. We have access to the entire suite of products offered by Software AG but our specialisation lies in ARIS Business Process Analysis and web Methods Business Process Management.

ETESI is proud to announce our Gold partnership with Oracle, which allows us to offer the full spectrum of Oracle Products.

The new Oracle Gold Partner level will help ETESI meet customer needs, deliver superior business solutions and also improve capabilities in providing pioneering enterprise-solutions, which is backed by a strong and specialized team of certified experts.

Oracle PartnerNetwork Company Identifier: 3-6684238486
Oracle Partner Name: ETESI Pty Ltd
OPN Partner Country South Africa
Partner Level: Gold Level



ETESI is the sole certified and authorised reseller of HYPE Innovation in South Africa. We have skilled Innovation Management Business and Technical Consultants ready to make your Innovation Program a success. Our aim is to improve the Innovation Culture in South Africa and providing the best platform to enable Top-Down and Bottom-Up Innovation. ETESI has completed the largest implementation of HYPE Innovation in South Africa. The platform was made accessible to 15000 users in a single organisation with multiple divisions. Contact us to find out more about our successes with HYPE Innovation and how HYPE Innovation can place your company on the cutting edge of  technology, design and business practices.