WhatsApp Chatbots

We can help you to extend your sales and customer service teams without hiring a new employee. Let ETESI build your WhatsApp Chatbot to allow your customers to interact with your business without having to download a new app.

WhatsApp is already on all South African smart and “not so smart” phones.

WhatsApp is among the most common mobile and desktop chat applications in South Africa. Boasting millions of active users it can easily be one of the best platforms for customers relations and marketing communication.

Improve customer experience

WhatsApp Chatbots improve customer experience. Brands like TransUnion, Netstar and Honda are using ETESI to build this channel for customer service, with the goal to improve customer experience, streamline customer care operations, and reduce cost to serve.

Reach more consumers

Increase and expand your reach to consumers using WhatsApp – The most popular Messaging platform. Conveniently engage consumers from where they already are and provide real-time insights on products or services you provide.

ETESI has built chatbots to:

  • Qualify Leads
  • Onboard New Customers
  • Support Existing Customers
  • Gather Ideas on an Innovation Campaign
  • Book a table at a restaurant!
  • There’s no limit to the number of cases you can build